Business Insurance

Protect your company assets with our Business Insurance policies.

Insurance for Business Expenses

For self-employed individuals, that have a responsibility to cover the fixed costs of a business. This cover provides a monthly benefit to pay business expenses should the business owner be unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Business Expense insurance will protect up to 100% of your fixed business overheads on a monthly basis for up to 1 year

Would you like to ensure you could continue to pay business expenses if you can’t work due to accident, illness or disability?

There are a few factors that you should consider before applying for a business expense insurance such as:

staff salaries, your business rent, phone, gas and electricity bills, leasing expenses for equipment and vehicles, repairs and maintenance.

Business expenses is normally tax deductible, and can be packaged with income protection insurance and it normally includes special benefits such as:

  • it would allow you to work for up to 10 hours a week without it affecting your monthly benefit
  • it guarantees payment for a specified amount of time if you suffer from a list of injuries
  • it guarantees payment if you suffer from a list of serious medical conditions
  • it can be used to reimburse the cost of employing a locum to maintain the business in your absence

Business Insurance for the Key People of Your Company

It is life insurance for a key personnel in a business. These are normally the people who are crucial in the business. The loss or absence of that key personnel could break that company.

When a key person dies, becomes permanently disabled or suffers a critical illness, it’s likely that your business will suffer a certain loss, which can lead to a multitude of problems such as negative impacts to efficient management, credit rating of the business since creditors may press harder for debts to be repaid, or costs to train replacements can escalate which may affect profitability margins.

Business Person Cover: Purpose

The purpose then of a key person insurance policy is to:

  • help the company survive after losing the person who makes that company work
  • protect the company’s revenue
  • use the policy as an additional superannuation benefit
  • helps to you retain the key human resources of your company

A business purchases a life insurance policy on its key employees and is the beneficiary of that said policy. So, if something were to happen to that key employee the company would receive the insurance payoff.

The cover required for a key person insurance is normally determined by the size of the business and the person to be insured.

Business Insurance - Business Debt Cover

Business debt protection is a good back-up plan for your business against potential financial loss due to forced payments of outstanding credit or remuneration for the loss of insured employees or key person.

Financial Info to Look Into when Considering Business Debt Cover

Before pursuing any applications for business debt cover, make sure to consider the following underwriting aspects:

  • nature of the business and occupation
  • ownership details and business structure
  • financial effects of potential losses
  • the company’s income generation process
  • how the insurees fit in the company

Note: For businesses that are owned by a single person, it might be better to opt for a personal protection to protect both the owner and the company. Better yet, seek advice from business solicitors or consultants first before signing up to any debt coverage.

Business Insurance - Buy Sell Cover

When two or more people work together in a business, there needs to be serious consideration of the disposal of each person’s share of the business in all circumstances. Buy/Sell Insurance is the most cost effective method of funding the consideration for the transfer of an asset from one person or entity to another in the case of death, temporary disablement, permanent disability, terminal illness as well as the occurrence of a major medical event.

Causes of Co-owner or Partner Exit:

  • Death
  • Departure
  • Disability
  • Divorce

With this cover, business owners will be able to pool enough money to compensate the family or property of the life insured, especially to the surviving business owners and the beneficiaries of the owner who died or became disabled.

Finally, it‘s necessary to contact an independent third party person or group to carry out a valuation. Their report will help you determine the exact amount you’re going to allocate for the insurance.