Cash Flow & Debt Management

Cash Flow & Debt Management

B eaulife will work with you to develop a strategy to help you achieve your financial goals. We will help you increase the amount invested, taking into account various borrowing strategies and tax efficiencies. Although wealth creation is often driven by investment returns, debt reduction is a vital factor. We can look at ways to minimise tax, reduce your mortgage more rapidly and review salary packaging.

Beaulife’s experienced team can help you with:

  • Review current debt
    Using income management we can reduce debt.

  • Minimise tax
    Using debt in a way to minimise tax comparative to having the same investment.

  • Mortgage management
    We will review loan structure, interest rate and term.

Beaulife can help you create an effective cash flow management strategy. We will maximise the return from your short-term cash holdings while ensuring you still have money available for your immediate lifestyle needs and investment opportunities. We can help you to automate and control regular investments, outgoings, dividends and investment income, reduce risk and simplify compliance through comprehensive transaction tracking and tax reporting. Income management lets you identify where you are spending and allows you to see where savings can be made. This is an important step in the financial strategy as it underpins the wealth creation.

Some of our cash flow management strategies include:

  • Cash flow analysis - From the first meeting we will collect budget information and include this in your financial plan allowing for short term goals.
  • Income Management - We are your primary contact which reduces stress and confusion.
  • Reporting - At any time but primarily for end of financial year, we prepare all your reports to complete your tax return.
  • Cash Reserve - We will incorporate this into your financial plan and recommend to have a cash reserve for unexpected expenses or emergencies.