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Our range of financial solutions and services - such as insurance and investment Advice - may be all you need to achieve your goals.


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Our Top-Rated Services

Personal Insurance Protect your financial security with personalised risk insurance plans.

Business Insurance Ensure your company’s stability with our policies that protect your assets.

Claims Management Our Specialised Claims team provide you with ongoing support throughout the claim process.

Superannuation Advice Review, consolidate and benefit from professional advice to make your Superannuation work for you.

Why Plan and Insure with Us

Our team of licensed financial advisers work with you to provide a tailored risk management and asset protection plan to meet your current and future needs.

Consultation and Intro

Our financial advisers will discuss the concepts and facts you need to know about financial planning.

Strategic Planning

We will make a doable, strategic investment plan you can follow to achieve your goals.

Easy Application Process

All you need to do is comply and pass all the required documents and we’ll do the rest.

Fast Processing

We process your application fast so that your money can start earning while you sleep as soon as possible.

Client Support

We’ll assist you and answer your queries about your insurance policies.

Industry Updates

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Investment Guides and Resources

Take advantage of our resources and guides to know more about your policy and other options.

Plan Flexibility

We can find ways to maximise your budget for insurance to diversify your portfolio.

Extensive Documentation

We make sure to determine, monitor and document where your money goes and why.

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  • After years of looking after my own income protection, life insurance and super fund I became fed up with the constant chase of a "better deal" and the attempted use of incompetent brokers. After my initial meeting with Matthew back in 2013 I had nothing but confidents and peace of mind with his ability to look after what I needed. Matthew and his team have been capable and consistent in their service and ability to deliver what is best for me and my family. Matthew takes the stress out of claims and is always looking for a better deal to facilitate lifestyle and security in case of the worst. If you want quality service, value and the best coverage catered to your needs then Matthew and his team are the group for you. 10/10 I recommend them to all of my family and friends

    T. DOLMAN Superannuation Client
  • Outstanding service! The whole Beaulife team has been exceptionally helpful. Matt insured my assets which in turn insures my lifestyle and family. Dealing with Matt was refreshing, his tailored approach was personal providing a one stop shop for all of my insurance enquiries. Not to mention the process ran smoothly and all the staff members we have dealt with have been very knowledgeable. It’s a good feeling knowing your family is protected should the unexpected happen. Luckily, I have not yet had to make a claim but I feel at ease knowing that should I need to, Matt will be there to help me through the claims process.

    M. FARMER Insurance Services Client
  • I recently engaged Beaulife to assess all my insurances, both personal and work related. As we have recently had our first child it was important that both my husband and I had total cover if something was to happen to either of us. They were able to assess our current level of cover and advise that we needed to upgrade substantially for some covers, and were able to save on others. They were also able to advise where we could save money on our current plan and also avenues for our super fund to pay some of the monthly premiums. I now feel completely satisfied with the level of cover both my husband and I have as well as the premiums we are paying. All this was done in a timely and friendly fashion.

    A. BRIDLE Insurance Services Client
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